Monday, August 29, 2011

Biblical Community

Rachel, Me, Ashley, Marisa
A new year brings new roommates!

I am so incredibly blessed to be apart of Lightbearers Discipleship Program once again this year. Lightbearers enables students to live in biblical community for the school year, be apart of a discipleship class (Systematic Theology this semester) once a week, give rent money to fund mission in the 10/40 window, and go serve in one of those countries on a mission trip at the conclusion of the year.

Living in biblical community with like-minded believers is such a gift. I think I have come to appreciate it even more after realizing the extent of the darkness hovering over my college campus this past year. As I begin another year of shining light in the darkness through how I live my life, there is nothing like coming home to a safe place where I will be both challenged and encouraged by friends and sisters in Christ as we continue to spur one another on in our walks.

Rachel, Ash, Me and our PRECIOUS house leader Jill!
First is Rachel. After living together last year, I feel like I know her in and out. Yet there are those times when she still leaves me speechless. She has a crazy life—I don’t think I have ever met anyone with so much going on at once. But one way or another, she always finds a way. I love her boldness—and appreciate her wisdom, obtained over years and years of hearing the Gospel. She has grown so much this summer. Lately, she has challenged me to be in the Word without even talking about it—just by living her life. The other day I heard her talking about studying for discipleship class and I had yet to even realize there was anything to study in the first place—she is on top of it. Her hunger for God’s Word is refreshing to my soul. I know it is solely the Lord who placed us together once again—it excites me to walk out another year with this precious friend and sister in Christ.

Marisa and Ashley putting together one of four shelves!
 Then there's Marisa! She is a busy girl! I hope we will get to spend lots more time together this year. I always think I have her figured out…and then she leaves me realizing just how little I really know about her. But I think this is something that draws others to her. She has a passion for life—I pray that she will experience all that life is intended to be. Marisa just started her first year of beauty school…and guess who she gets to practice on?? What a blessing free facials, massages, hair-playing, eye-brow plucking, etc will be!! There is no way you could not be friends with this girl…she is a social butterfly and loves getting to know new people, a trait I often wish came naturally for me! She has walked through a lot in her life but none of it has been in vain…oh what a powerful testament to God’s faithfulness this girl is going to share in the future.

Seperated at birth...can't you tell??

This is Ashley. I don’t really know how to explain her, aside from the fact that we were separated at birth and reunited twenty years later. Another one of ME—a scary thought, I know! Ashley has a heart for people—all kinds of people—a unique ability of making anyone feel right at home. She is hungry for Jesus—and willing to give up anything in her life to obtain more of Him. Is this not where we all desire to be? She has walked through some tough stuff in her short life, yet the Lord has been faithful to draw her to Himself through it—that He may receive all the glory. After spending just over a week as roommates, we already have a list nearly a page long of everything that we have in common. We both fall asleep within the first ten minutes of movies—I have never met anyone else with this unique ability! One my favorites is that we have this language with our eyes—we can totally read each other without words—the best part is when we’re in a group and we just bust out laughing at something the other one “said” via eye contact…people probably think we’re crazy, but that’s okay. Simply by living her life, she challenges me to know Christ more—to study His Word and to be on my knees, to be a lover of people—especially when it is outside of my comfort zone. It is both a joy and blessing to live with this girl and do life together.

I don’t think I will ever realize what a privilege it is to live alongside these sisters in biblical community. Living together as four young women is no easy feat let me just tell you—but at the end of the day, come trial or joy these girls are in my life and by the grace of God we will all walk away from this season of life looking more like Jesus. These sweet sisters have already impacted my life—my walk with the Lord and I am blessed.

Praying this over our house this year…that the Lord would bring darkness to light, cleansing our hearts and minds in His Truth as we lift one another up in prayer and words of Life!

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.” -1 John 1:7

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