Wednesday, August 17, 2011

21 Reasons I Am Thankful for You

Well, today is a special day. My bestest friend is turning twenty-one years old!!! Crazy how time flies--and how faithful He is through it all. Just thought I would share twenty-one reasons I am ever so thankful for this precious sister in Christ.

  1. She always says it like it is--there's no getting around it!
  2. She won't change what she believes no matter how much she stands out.
  3. She knows God's word in and out, yet never tires of soaking up more.
  4. She thrives off of quality time--we are a perfect match!
  5. She is not afraid of confrontation--help me learn from her!
  6. She is not content in America, yet continues to walk in obedience while she is here.
  7. She is a lover of the poor, the broken, the least of these.
  8. She understands the joy of solitude.
  9. She is not perfect--and will be the first to tell you so.
  10. She would hand you the shirt off her back without thinking twice.
  11. She has perspective on life--that I often lack.
  12. She is a teacher, but first a student.
  13. She is a prayer warrior.
  14. She uses her platform as a student to love on international students--to love them to Christ.
  15. She is going to be an incredible mom--whether her own or some one else's.  
  16. She is a dreamer--when one thing doesn't happen God's already given her ten new ones!
  17. She loves her family more then they will ever understand--her mom and dad, her sisters, her brothers, her nieces and nephew, her grandparents, her aunts and uncles and cousins.
  18. She is a writer--so often her words sum up the deepest cries of my heart.
  19. She is learning to play the guitar all to worship her King.
  20. She makes you feel at home--like you have known her forever, even the first time you meet.
  21. She hates her birthday--but she loves words of affirmation.
Happy 21st Birthday beloved sister in Christ and friend of mine...may you be reminded of just how loved you are--by all of us who are so blessed to share this life with you, and most importantly by the One who gave it you. I love you Lesley Rebecca.

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