Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Best of Summer

Top 10 Favorites of Summer 2011...and Then Some!

  1. Frozen yogurt—this has to be the first thing on my list because it was by far the most consistent thing in my life the past three months.
  2. Glowing tan—love soaking up the sun by the pool, on the lake, or out and about. Summer just wouldn’t be the same without the deep brown glow.
  3. Nannying for the Boys—I was so blessed to be able to come home and work for a precious family with two crazy boys who I adore. We had lots of fun times this summer and I could not ask for a better job.
  4. Relaxing nights with the Luster’s—I often joke that my best friends are all married women and it is partially true. Some of my sweetest memories of this summer are the nights spent relaxing and eating dinner while watching House and being both encouraged and challenged by this precious couple who have so graciously poured into my life and continue to walk beside me.
  5. Road Trip with my Nieces—this little vacay with three of my nieces to AR was such a significant trip for me. It was an incredible gift to get to spend time with these girls and really understand a bit of their lives. Our midnight waffle house runs, photo shoot, games, eating out and shopping made it even more fun! I am so blessed to call these girls family.
  6. Consultation Sessions with Julie—up to til this past year, this dear friend of mine never ate fruits and veggies!! After several
  7. informative sit-downs together over the summer, we discussed the importance of nutrition and what changes should be made in her diet. The best part was that we always went out for pizza or ice cream (or BOTH) while chatting!
  8. Wednesday Nights with Shelly—I got to spend a night with this wise wife and mom most weeks over the summer. What an encouraging evening of catching up, watching the Duggars and even getting a little crafty! I am so blessed by her friendship and her wisdom.
  9. Conversations with Les—it has been the first summer without my bestest friend at home which has been so weird, but it has been such a blessing to have her home the past couple weeks. Laying in her bed eating oapameal squares and talking about our crazy, always changing, full of battles, imperfect lives while we remain on this earth! What an encouragement she is to me. I miss face to face time with this sweet sister of mine—the ones who regularly finish your sentences—you know those are the keepers!
  10. Tent City—what a pure joy it has been for me to be able to serve a few women in the homeless camp in downtown St. Louis. I have seen brokenness and the consequences of sin in such a tangible way—I have also seen His redemption and His love for the least of these in a way I never had prior. God used my weekly trips downtown to humble me—to show me that I must find joy in plenty and in want. He also confirmed the calling He has placed upon my life to minister to underprivileged women.
  11. Coming in Last—in our Triathlon. Can’t say we didn’t try—it is funny to look back now and see just how unprepared Ash and I really were! It was fun to “train” together beforehand and have lots of good conversations. The actual race may have been insanely hard—but I swam in a lake and we crossed that finish line together—we finished the race and kept the faith.
A Few More Important Ones...
  1. Roadtrip Across Country
  2. Weddings!!! Cassie and John, Heather and Drew
  3. Worshiping the Lord in my car
  4. Time with my family
  5. Watching my brother Rye being a dad
  6. Blogging--lots and lots!
  7. Starting my own business--and getting it all opened!
  8. Sleepovers with Ash
  9. Cooking--for others and learning new things!
  10. Earning money and saving it.
  11. Learning to coupon.
  12. Watching movies.
  13. Eating good food--a lot.
  14. Cool days--a breath of air in this sauna!
  15. Soda Tab Bracelets

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