My Story

I wish you could just pull up a chair and we could wrap our fingers around something hot and talk late into the night. I think everyone has a story to tell and I love hearing them. I love people and talking real life. It's messy and ugly sometimes and I think being honest we are set free. I hope that's what you find here. It's a safe place and I'd love to hear from you.

I grew up a yuppie in the city and a not so random, yet random chain of events brought me down South a few years ago and I have made these rolling hills of the natural state home ever since. I miss my family up north desperately and hate watching my nieces and nephews grow up via Facebook. 

My earlier years were spent in a whole lot of brokenness and by the time teenagerdom rolled around my life was pretty dark. I grew up Jewish and came to faith in Christ somewhere in the midst of it all and that decision to surrender my life continues changing me today. I write about it a lot. About the brokenness and the way I see redemption happening little by little along the way. About the real stuff we would rather throw under the rug. It's a painful process at times and yet so very hopeful. I really was once blind and now I am beginning to see.

I spent the last year living in the country {dirt roads, snakes, & bugs} with a family of eleven. God used them to restore, refine and protect. In short, I saw God's grace fleshed out towards me and I learned to trust man and submit to authority—through it years of my life stolen were redeemed. God provided such a tangible portrait of His love for me through this family and they will forever be my own. Being the baby of three {much} older siblings by birth, having nine littles has been a blessing of which I am entirely undeserving.

Now I am back in the 'city,' as city as you can find in the natural state anyhow. I have roommates and I am currently raising support to serve as a NAMB Missionary on a college campus. In my not so spare time, I cook Paleo-friendly foods, run, write, and hang out with international friends here. 

If someone offered, I'd jump on a plane right now headed anywhere across the ocean. I spent some time in India and Australia. Ultimately I believe God has called me to cross-cultural ministry and to the mission field. Right now, that looks like doing life with and discipling students from the ends of the earth right here in Arkansas, and training others to do likewise. One day being a helpmate to my husband and disciple-maker of my {future} children and running a household is a calling He has deeply knit into who He made me to be.

I love fall because everything smells the best and my body dies in the winter. I wish I could hibernate, wouldn't that be nice?! I want to run a marathon someday and I want to stand atop a mountain, though preferably without having to hike up it myself. I love nutrition and after studying it some, teaching underprivileged women about it makes sense to me in so many practical and spiritual ways. I used to be so much more productive before Pinterest came along. Crafting is a hobby and I once failed at a card-making business. I hate camping, just FYI. 

I write a lot about my daddy issues and have a particular passion and love for reaching out to the fatherless girls around me—which is a shocking majority. Someday I want to write a book and if I did it would have something to do with this issue too. I write a lot about past and present relationship with my own dad and you can backtrack through those posts over here. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you stick around awhile!