Saturday, May 12, 2012

In a Matter of Hours

Well in about 6 hours I leave to go to the other side of the world. This means another checkmark on the bucketlist, I believe. Another oppurtunity to serve and return refined and broken, most likely. Praise God I know the One who bind the brokenhearted, declares freedom for the captives. I must be in lala land or something, because my brain is not in that place just yet. Nonetheless, I am getting in the car soon.

The past week or two has been completely insane. Just now, I said my final goodbyes to my international friends. Standing on the side of Dickson stree, man passed out drunk in the back of the truck next to me, heart pounding in my chest from the music blaring all around, everyone drinking away the stress of finals and goodbyes, we hugged. We cried. I spoke a few words before the tears overwhlemed again. Cried some more. Drunk guy tumbled out of truck. Tears. Funny how life is sometimes--I could have seen goodbye going a bit differently, and yet it did not surprise me in the least.

This week, up until this very moment really, has been simply survival mode. Busy with my intetnational friends, craziness at work, and spending as much time as possible with my adopted family, the reality of getting on this plane in the morning is slightly overwhelming!! I am trusting Him to re-fill me in my travel time,  because at the moment I am wrung dry.

All the craziness and other things aside, I am going to South Asia in the morning!!! I have been counting down the days for long enough--let's go!! The partners we are going to visit are ready for us (and incredibly excited) which brings much excitement to my heart as well. I cannot wait to smell Asia--to breathe in the air of a people in such desperate need for gospel Truth, a people whom I cannot wait to meet.

Please check for updates about how our team is doing and how you can better pray for us by going to and searching for our blog entries.

For all all you have supported me both financially and prayerfully, my deepest gratitude.

Cannot wait to see all that God does in and through this trip. Will update as much as possible.


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