Monday, January 2, 2012

In Anticipation of the Year to Come

Usually, I am not a huge fan of making New Years Resolutions, simply because I usually don’t keep them, but in the spirit of the season, I figured it could be helpful to establish some dreams and desires and vision for the year to come.

This year:
I want to read the bible in Chronological order.
I want to study the Old Testament.
I want to run a half marathon again.
I want to make it to the beach.
I want to go a whole month with no sweets—yes even dark chocolate. 
I want to build relationships with girls.
I want to travel overseas on a mission trip.
I want to have more wisdom in what to pursue in life after college.
I want to give away a lot of my stuff.
I want to memorize a book of the bible.
I want to know scripture—continually flowing from my lips.
I want to be less in control of my life.
I want to disciple a young woman.
I want to be more intentional about staying in touch with my family.
I want to share the gospel with someone everyday.
I want to maintain good grades.
I want to research natural medicine and really begin to apply what I learn.
I want to cook—a lot!
I want to eat healthier.
I want to witness a miracle.
I want to continue to do something in the battle against human sex-trafficking. 
I want to succeed on a budget.
I want to give more and buy less.
I want to blog every week.
I want to journal—everyday!
I want to have a Sabbath day every week.
I want to forgive those I still hold unforgiveness towards.
I want to become a member of a church.
I want to continue making and selling cards.
I want to be a better friend—die more and love more.
I want to become completely financially independent of my parents.
I wan to dissapear for a few days with Jesus--no phone or computer.
I want to learn to do the dishes and empty the dishwasher without complaining.
I want to begin writing a book.
I want to learn how to sew—with my new sewing machine.
I want to know Him as my best friend and the perfect Father.
I want to continue building relationships with international friends.
I want to wrestle some things out with the Lord.
I want to join a women’s bible study.
I want to eat something I have never had before.
I want to start reading the newspaper.
I want to complete 50 Pinterest projects.
I want it to be normal to pray hours each week.
I want to worship fully.
I want to meet my husband... :)
I want to be broken before Him.
I want to see my mom accept Christ as her Savior.
I want to see Jesus face to face.

Come Lord Jesus, Come. To another year of getting to know you more as I am humbled by my desperate depndence upon you and you alone.

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