Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Extreme Room Makeover: Roommate Style

To say the least, I have been a little pinterest-obssessed lately. Over Christmas break, my sweet roommate Mandy celebrated her birthday. Conveintly for me, she was out of town the entire month, giving me free reign to work out my free time and pinterest-craze on her (very bare) walls! Let's just say she came home to a bit of a birthday surprise!!      

Here are a few befores and afters...

 BEFORE                                                                                  AFTER

I loved getting to spend time on the details of this room. Both the desk and nightstand I found at thirft store and just spray-painted them olive green and brown.

Before spray-painting


I also loved getting to use more earthy tones and decor, something that is outide of my own comfort zone but perfect for my sweet roomie. I bought a few of these things at Hobby Lobby and made the rest (from Pinterest!)
Mandy is getting married in June and will soon be Mrs. Jones!
This is just cardboard covered in fabric and burlap with buttons.
The frame on the right is just hemp inside a glass frame. I love this because
you just take a draw erase marker and can write whatever you want on the
glass and then erase and write something new!
Pinterest of course...this is just a painted canvas with sticks hot-glued
and a flower to add a little something. The candles are just inside
Mason jars for a little added color.
This is just a mason jar covered in fabric and burlap with
a few buttons.

This was my favorite project. I just modge-podged these 11X14 pictures onto
four canvases. I edited the photos before printing and actually put the words
that my roommate's fiance said to her when he proposed. All of the photos
are from the day he proposed as well. My favorite is the last one...he actually
wrote on his paper at the bottom (Don't forgt to kiss her!) in case he got so
nervous that he forgot! Precious.

All in all, this was so fun for me to do and she loved it! I am so incredibly blessed to get to do life with Mandy this year...she is such an encouragement to me and I am so excited to watch her enter into married life soon!!!

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