Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Entering Adulthood

As a child, I always imagined this day. That final crossover from dreaming of being all grown up to actually being there. I think that we often long to be in the next season of life. Already today, I feel as though I am ready for marriage and motherhood! How faithful He has been these past twenty-one years--how faithful He will continue to be in this new season of life.

Celebrating my 21st birthday the past several weeks with many loved ones, I feel incredibly blessed.

Over my birthday weekend, I went out to dinner with some of my best friends to my FAVORITE place to eat! Then I came home to a huse full of balloons, glitter, sparkling grape juice, presents, and cake!!! It was such a sweet time and so encouraging. Then on Saturday (my actual birthday) I tailgated with my international friends before the last Razorback game of the season and spent the night with one of my precious daughters, Emna.

Then this past weekend, my mom and two of my best friends came down to visit and celebrate with me! We went to a new museum that was really cool, stayed up late catching up on life, shopped forever, and ate--a LOT!!! It was such a sweet time and I was so encouraged my time with them. I really got a clear glimpse of the way God really has slowly been restoring my relationship with my mom over the past few years--oh is He faithful to complete the good work He began in each of us! Then my best friend Ash stayed til Monday and we drove back to St. Louis together. Now I am excited to celebrate the holidays with my family!

Here are some pictures from the birthday festivities!

My daughters, Seonguen and Emna

So blessed by these girls.


Bestest Friends

Sweet Roomies

Emna gave me is a heart engraved
and it says "For the best Mummy."

I was cracking sweet sis Heather got me
the NIV Study Bible I've been wanting!!!

Glitter scrapbook from Rach!

Me and Mom

Okay, I don't know why Julie is not in any
of these, but insert her here!!!!

love the tree!

Out to dinner...again :)

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  1. What a sweet time!!! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving day!! Love you precious girl :) I read your blog by the way :) short and sweet lots of photos :) just my style!!!!!