Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pinterest Projects

Well, the past several months have been touch and go with many craft projects....I am FINALLY getting around to finishing some of them! Of course, many are fully pinterst-inspired. Several weeks ago was "craft-fair" weekend here in NW Arkansas which also inspired several of these ideas. This is what I LOVE doing when procrastinating (which occurs WAY TOO much lately!). My room is finally just about well as my bathroom. Three months later, I guess I'm finally settled in! :) Here are some of the pictures I promised months ago....more to come of the bathroom and some other little projects. I love feeling like I accomplished I actually made something with my hands and creative juices...EXCITING!!

My room :)
Love how this turned out!

The whole verse hangs across my wall above my closet.

Before...after Ash and I picked it up off the side of the road!!


Loving candles lately!!!

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